Our Friend Richard Has 120 Hives

He has graciously agreed to supply our honey needs as the season permits.

Vote For the Beer You would like to Drink in our Restaurant

Our resident chef is in charge of keeping up with the newest trends, offering the best our beautiful countryside has to offer. We are making it a point to source our food locally. Better food, better health, boosting local farms. It all feels good.

The Three of Us Are Now Incorporated as Brewers East, Inc!

Do You Know Why We Are Going Into The Restaurant Business?

It is all about love. Love of Family. Of Friends. Of bringing everyone together to celebrate each other's company with good food and drink.  Life is short. Come enjoy it with us.

So Many New Craft Beers, So Little Time...

Local, Raw Honey from Right Here in Renton!

BrewMaster Tastings & Events

Contact us to Schedule a Tasting at Brewers East Restaurant

This Website is Under Construction: Brewerseast.com

Give Me Your Empty Glass Bottles & I Will Create Upcycling Treasure!

After 40 Years We're Still Original

Mike's Grandparents, Martin and Mabel, are pictured above, on the brwerseast.com wesite, and four squares down enjoying a beer on the on the Canadian side of the Washington border drinking beer in 1921 during prohabition saying, 'In your face Eliot Ness'. Martn was never without homemade beer for the 13 years of prohabition. It has always been this way, stories carried down from generation to generation, each knowing a bit more about beer than the last. Brewers East Restaurant is our way of sharing this enjoyment and knowledge with you. Every day you will find out new bits of trivia about craft beer and how it's made. 

This Menu is Under Construction & On Display for your Feedback

Coming Soon! Craft Beers & Fine Cuisine

It Goes Back Four Generations

Martin & Mabel Chapman standing on the Canadian Side of the Washington border in the 1920's during Prohibition, drinking beer with their Model T Ford saying, "In your face, Eliot Ness."

SouthPort is Rising! Renton, WA

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Daily Crossword! Grab a Beer First:

 here by 1:00 PM today.


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                            PATRONS          PRICE            DAYS        TOTAL

LUNCHES              50                      $15              360           $ 270,000

PATIOS                200                      $20              150           $ 600,000

HAPPY HOUR       50                      $20              360           $ 360,000

BAR                        40                      $25              360           $ 360,000

DINNER               200                      $45              360         $3,240,000

TOTAL                                                                                  $4,830,000

AT A 15% PROFIT MARGIN EQUATES TO                       $   724,500

AMANTE PIZZA & PASTA PROFITS                                   $   120,000

TOTAL PROFITS                                                                  $   844,500                    


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 3:30 PM, Saturday, July 13, 2019,

 Send everyone to the website and I will get this done this week. Amante is already   generating very healthy profits, so where is the risk? Once our new Brewers East   awning is erected (included in the financing package) we will be welcomed under   The Old Spaghetti Factory corporate veil. That will be exciting!



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 3:15 PM, Saturday, July 20th, 2019,

 Ivan Demirev and Mike Chapman have recommitted to work togethere to get this 
 transaction completed. Ivan wants out and I want that site. We are both willing to   negotiate to get this done. This is a minimum $5 million location with all the   cylinders clicking. That equates to $750,000 in annual net profits. Ivan knows how to   run it and I know how to promote it. He will teach what is left to know before he   leaves. He has a very competent staff. So contact me at mjcsr97@yahoo.com and I   will lay all the cards on the table. This will be a very sweet deal and there is more on   the table that I will disclose.                                                                 Mike