Our Friend Richard Has 120 Hives

He has graciously agreed to supply our honey needs as the season permits.

Vote For the Beer You would like to Drink in our Restaurant

                              Brewers East new craft draft beer selection updated today.                               

              1) Mac & Jack's African Amber 2) Georgetown Manny Ale 3) Gold Cliff IPA 4) Elysian Zephyrus Pilsner                                   5) 10 Joe 5) 5) 10 Joe IPA 6) 10 Out Of Office 7) 10 Crush Raspberry Sour 8) Elysian Stout 9) Bud Light 

10) Stella Artois 11) Widmer Hefeweisen 12) Elysian Super Fuzz 13) Elysian Space Dust 14) Shock Top

16) Weissbier Franzishaner 17) Kona Longboard Island Lager 18) Kona Hanalei Island IPA

            19) Golden Road Mango Cart 20) Red Hook Bicoastal 21) Stella Artois Cider 22) The Goose IPA

******   The Brewers East Sampler:   (3) 5 oz. craft drafts and (1) 12 oz. craft bottle.     $10.50

(some kegs are rotating)         

Our resident chef is in charge of keeping up with the newest trends, offering the best our beautiful countryside has to offer. We are making it a point to source our food locally. Better food, better health, boosting local farms. It all feels good.

The Three of Us Are Now Incorporated as Brewers East, Inc!

Do You Know Why We Are Going Into The Restaurant Business?

It is all about love. Love of Family. Of Friends. Of bringing everyone together to celebrate each other's company with good food and drink.  Life is short. Come enjoy it with us.

So Many New Craft Beers, So Little Time...

Local, Raw Honey from Right Here in Renton!

BrewMaster Tastings & Events

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This Website is Under Construction: Brewerseast.com

Give Me Your Empty Glass Bottles & I Will Create Upcycling Treasure!

After 40 Years We're Still Original

Next week I will begin to design a section of the kitchen dedicated solely to allergy-friendly cooking with no cross-contamination! Gluten-free, dairy-free, all 8 main allergens can be avoided if you tell us what you need. We will have rice pasta available to try with our amazing sauces, salads, soups and entrees. In fact, the spaghetti shown here is free of all 8 allergens! I made it myself. - Liz

Mike's Grandparents are pictured here, enjoying a beer and a break. It has always been this way, stories carried down from generation to generation, each knowing a bit more about beer than the last. Brewers East Restaurant is our way of sharing this enjoyment and knowledge with you. Every day you will find out new bits of trivia about craft beer and how it's made. 

This Menu is Under Construction & On Display for your Feedback

Coming Soon! Craft Beers & Fine Cuisine

It Goes Back Four Generations

Martin & Mabel Chapman standing on the Canadian Side of the Washington border in the 1920's during Prohibition, drinking beer with their Model T Ford saying, "In your face, Eliot Ness."

SouthPort is Rising! Renton, WA

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Daily Crossword! Grab a Beer First:


  8:30 PM, Saturday, February 16th. I made my first Brewers East concept and sales     to Tom Obrien at Pacific Commercial Brokers, in Tacoma, yesterday. He is veiwing   everything over the weekend and will be back in touch on Monday.  Things look very   promising. For a full breakdown of the upgrades, check below the Crossword   Puzzle  tomorrow. Great news! After a three year's hiatus baby sitting our newborn   granddaughter, Lira, Debbie is returning on February 24th.

 Ivan has already received the bulk of his funding to but out Amante Pizza & Pasta.   Amante generates 72% of its net revenues from its delivery (mainly) and take out.   That is with a 140 seating capacity and 48 new seats added to the outside dining   patios. You can only imagine the seating results adding 16 upper end entrees,   robust new salads, and a gourmet chef. See below Crossword Puzzle for updates.


To be added to our Brewers East menu next week with our funding;

1) Fillet mignon. 2) New York steak. 3) San Remo rib-eye. 4) Prime Rib. 5) Steak Oscar 6) Crushed Parmesan Cod. 7) Grilled Salmon